My Story

My Mission

Through performance apparel, we are encouraging athletes to continue the tradition of competition, dedication, and challenging yourself.

My Backstory

Throughout high school, I was a 4 season athlete performing in soccer, basketball, and track. Whether it was equipment, travelling expenses, or even a refreshing drink on a hot day, my parents have always supported me in my athletic journey so I knew I had to reimburse them somehow. One of my best friends suggested selling t-shirts online to be able to make some extra cash. I knew this was the perfect opportunity to give back the countless things my parents did for me. Then came the exciting process of researching the path I would need to take to create my own online business. I had created my own ideas for t-shirt designs that were finalized by a professional. The enjoyment and anticipation was rising as I began giving life to my webpage. This whole process was the perfect transition between adolescent carefreeness to adult responsibility. At long last we launched on July 18th 2022, readying me at the starting line of a race for my parents well earned repayment. 

My Values

As an athlete I have competed in hundreds of games and 6 times as many practices and I have found that playing by the rules is the only way to compete. I believe that people should be bound by morals that deem the game fair for everyone, and those who put in the hard work deserve what they work for. Those who uphold themselves to their highest standards are people who look to better themselves and deserve to perform better. Challenger Central operates under these same ideas when working with customers and competitors alike.

For The Customer

I am offering athletic t-shirts, long sleeves, and hoodies in order to raise funding to repay my parents for my college tuition. I am willing to answer any questions you may have and provide details to our pricing, shipping, and deals. Feel free to access the “Contact” button to reach out with anything at all!